Thursday, 9 July 2015

Chanel A/W 2015-16: Couture

Super excited to have learnt a little bit more about the 3D printed elements which played such a key part in Chanel's most recent Couture offering a few days ago.

Aside from the amazing spectacle which was the Casino-themed event, I was actually quite shocked to see how the 3D printed SLS latice's integrated into the garments were so important to the materiality of the collection. When I saw the twitter hashtags and headlines, I assumed that the 3D printed parts of the show would be things like buttons or a hair accessory. However, I'm extremely impressed by the novel way in which the Chanel Coutouriers have used the tech to develop the Fashion House's traditional aesthetic.

Here's the Lagerfeld quote:

“The idea is to take the most iconic jacket of the 20th century and make a 21st century version, which technically was unimaginable in the period when it was born,” Lagerfeld told AFP after the show. “The vest is one piece, there is no sewing, it is moulded. “What keeps couture alive, is to move with the times. If it stays like sleeping beauty in the woods in an ivory tower, you can forget it. The women who buy couture today are not the bourgeoises of the past, they are young, modern women.”

It seems as though the Creative Director at French Couture House Maison Lesage, Hubert Barrere, has had a lot to do with the development of the 3D printing, which layers sequin fabric beneath the 3D printed nylon latice before being finished by a crystal stud.

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Take a look at the video below from Vidéo France Télévisions to see more (in French). In the meantime, I'm looking forard to see the fashion discourse in this area develop, as houses other than Iris Van Herpen integrate this tech into their work. And I'm also looking forward to learning which (assumingly) Paris-based 3D printing company suppled and supported Chanel with the prints! Tweet me if you know...

P.S. I wrote an online article following this blog post for Disruptive Magazine, which you should take a look at: