Wednesday, 25 September 2013

LFW: Fashion East @ Topshop Show Space (PR work experience)

I had to run an errand on that first, rainy day at Somerset house - but despite the drizzle, everyone was looking fabulous and there was a brilliant vibe that I enjoyed soaking up (whilst my clothes soaked up the rain). I was just stoked to be there really. I had a mooch around Esthetica, and then had to get on with my (hungover) post birthday afternoon.

Next up (after the Nazir Mazhar presentation), was Fashion East. Kinda important. Ella Dror PR was running the invites and seating plan for the event - which meant I got to live that fantasy of being the fashion bitch with a clip board letting people know "you're not on the list". I was overwhelmed to be checking invites and seats for the British Fashion Council block (dream job), who were all just as I had expected them to be: sophisticated, Italian and rather unfriendly (efficient might be a better adjective to use here). On the opposite block sat Nick Grimshaw, Pixie Geldof, Harry Styles et al, which was hilarious.

Got that backstage selfie amidst Fashion East show celebration and Meadham Kirchoff show preparation (orange wigs everywhere). There really was a sense of history in the making - lots of anticipation, excitement and confidence in the air. It was great.

(all photos my own)

Friday, 20 September 2013

Credit Card Curation

Credit Card Curation

Anything can be curated and anything is a gallery. Cool idea huh?
Let's not mention the feminist abstract porn reference here.

Too late.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

LFW: Nasir Mazhar S/S14 Presentation (PR work experience)

Yesterday, I assisted with Nasir Mazhar's S/S14 presentation* at London Fashion Week, which took place in Topshop's Fashion Space at Regents University, Regents Park. I worked with Ella Dror PR for the event. All photographs are my own.

I took the picture below in the only moment that actually felt like late summer; it was an absolutely freezing day, yet the inconsistent (but relentless) rain and wind did little to effect what was going on beneath the Topshop canopy. It was really, really fun.    

The space needed little prepping as there was a minimal set with no props. The presentation consisted only of a shoot - a plain white backdrop was used to let the heavily branded, sport/clubwear inspired Nasir Mazhr S/S14 collection do the talking. These themes were emphasised not only by immaculate beauty (bitchy fake nails, thick eyes and lip liner), but with expert styling and casting as well; a gang of young London-based students as well as fashion personalities (Anna Trevelyan - who styled - and Mademoiselle Yulia) represented the brand by posing and dancing to a carnival-inspired playlist.  

There were really good, happy, party vibes, as each model took turns to have a dance or strike a pose for the large amount of invited media and guests. It was a real spectacle - a very simple concept that totally suited the feel of the collection. Nasir Mazhar S/S14 was very much about the branded accessories (as usual) - beaded headpieces, netted body socks, tracksuits, earrings, armbands, shin cuffs and even the Forest Gump-esque legs braces were all adorned with the name and circular crest. The pieces, along with the gang representing them, made the whole collection extremely desirable: I would love to rock a Nasir outfit in a club with some braids, or even some track pants with my Air Force 1s. It was great to be involved in such a light-hearted presentation in which reference and influence - particularly to a kind of Japanese rave scene - was not only evident, but felt relevant.

*a presentation is different to catwalk show in that it is produced as a kind of spectacle/installation/experience, showcasing a designers collection in a context, rather than simply on a runway. I personally find presentations much more interesting than shows, only because they allow more space for a creative concept to be explored and expressed. You kind of get a better understanding into the ideas and influences behind the particular collection.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Monday, 2 September 2013

Sadie Williams

Thoroughly enjoy this collage block approach to (not) sewing.
Not unlike the Estefania Cortes Harker work I featured the other day.

Sh'es a Selfridges Bright Young Thing as well - more info here

Lawrence Lek - material structures

I'm really interested in these dynamic material structures by artist Lawrence Lek. The organic, fluid forms and connections between shapes makes me think of naturally occurring exoskeletons and biomimetic constructions. I'm becoming more and more interested in innovative material structure - particularly as a result of my research into the potential of 3D printing and new tech materials. Super interesting and inspiring on many levels.