Sunday, 7 February 2016

3D Printing: The Future is Now for FACT

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) is the UK's leading media arts centre, based in Liverpool - and is an institution that I've long been interested in. Despite having never visited, I was happy to be invited to write a guest blog post about 3D printing in sync with their most recent exhibition: 'Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing', as part of DoESLiverpool's DesktopProsthetics project.

In this short thought-piece, I embark upon the challenge of briefly explaining what 3D printing technology actually is / does, along with a short investigation into how it is meaningfully being used in the Arts. Technology has almost always played a part in contemporary sculpture, and I attempt to extend that tradition by introducing 3D printing as (simply) a new medium with which artists are exploring their practice, in addition to standing as a tool for desktop makers:

All3DP: Company Profiling

Despite having worked in the 3D printing industry for a number of years, my latest commission challenged me in a rather unfamiliar way. My work has always focused on the curatorial, creative and investigative side of how additive manufacture is being used - but lately, I've been focusing on the industry itself, and which companies around the world are shaping it.

After jumping into the (slightly daunting) world of freelance, I was delighted to be approached by All3DP to create some really important content for the site. Based in Germany, the industry blog investigates the technology as well as the latest news and updates from the world of 3D printing - and over the last few weeks, I've been profiling the most relevant companies that are helping shape this space.

With facts as well as explanations of what each company delivers and specializes in, feel free to jump on board at All3DP to learn more about which companies you need to know about in order to navigate this exciting industry.