Friday, 24 February 2012


Looks like everyone is loving them.
Pictures from Urban Outfitters and Office in Leeds.


I wore my hair like a weird Spice Girl last night. Rosa's picture.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I think I'm going to put weird colours in my hair. I had pink ends last November for a couple of weeks which was quite fun. I might start chalking. Or maybe I should just get a weave like Azealia, who's rocking a pink and purple do at the moment.

I'm a big deal


90's revival is finally having its moment, but seriously this time.

Pictures: eBay
Man, these are so fantastic at the moment. They still look pretty stupid, and of course they remind us all of Spice Girls (which is loads of fun).

Pictures: GoogleImages search of 'Spice Girls shoes'

But this 90's thing has found its way into high fashion, and this time it is brilliant.

Pictures: Sugar Guerilla

No-one can get enough of this stuff. These Eriko Nakao images have been blowing up on a few blogs lately, because we all absolutely love it. Fun with hairstyles and hair colour, stick-on gems, mad nails, tats and piercings, and weird clothes; it is 'experimental' and it is fun. I can't help but enjoy its dark side though, which reminds me of that old Kylie film 'Sample People'.

It also reminds me of that sweet-but-sassy/weird vibed by a No Doubt 90's Gwen Stefani.

This week, I also picked up on the trend throughout LFW. In particualar (and like so many others), my favourite was Meadham Kirchhoff's show. It was pretty weird. And in particular, their T-shirt (and the styling of it) for the NEWGEN limited edition line (to commemorate ten years of supporting British Fashion) slapped a virtual high-5 with Eriko Nakao.

Now I'm just waiting for the music scene to catch up.
I don't think the boys will like it very much, but lets get weird.

Acid Tropix

I feel like we've taken a look inside Rihanna's denim wardrobe.

Just a few of this seasons high street denim (Topshop and River Island).

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Oh God.

Must have platform trainers in my life. Perfect weird mix between brothel creepers and those Marant wedge sneakers.

Girls, Shoots,

Just a couple of Editorials of girls that look fantastic.

Lana Del Rey shot by Ellen Von Unwerth for LOVECAT, photos: courtesey of LOVECAT. I'm not a massive fan of her music, but this shoot is great.

On the other hand, I'm mad for Azealia Banks; could she actually get any cooler. Such brilliant tracks aswell.

Azelia Banks shot by Amandine Paulandre (styled by Sam Voulters), photos: courtesey of Vice Style. I need a huge Nike vest in my life. And a Year Zero "dope" ring.

I love how she can be so low key, then flip into this super-beautiful(ly shot) muse, all dark gangster Lady Godiva. Azealia Banks shot by Inez & Vinoodh, (but perhaps more importantly) styled by Nicola Formichetti  (sup Mugler), photos: courtesey of V Magazine.

I very spontaneously got in to see Azealia Banks perform last night as part of the NME Awards tour. Madness. I sat in the balconieson my own after battering with an awful tout for half an hour, and it was fantastic. She was wearing high-waisted sky-blue denim with a black bandau-bikini, cowboy boots and a big, floppy black hat. Pretty fabulous.

The set was low-key (as you might expect for the first performance of the four-act event), with a neon sign behind which read AZEALIA BANKS - NEW YORK with a bowl of noodles.I think the majority of people were there to see the bands, which meant that there wasn;t much hype. However, she was loads of fun, her accent was so Harlem (not that I'd really know) and she had enough energy to excite the crowds for the rest of the night. As for me, I think I'll book tickets for her London show in October (after her album has dropped). But it was a bit of a dream come true to be able to watch her perfrom - after having been a fan since her Miss Banks days, she's already a total legend in my eyes. I was also stoked to hear her choice of intro track: LOLA's.

This is hilarious.


Makin' Movies

This week, I've been sitting in on my pal Rosa's video elective, and it has been awesome!
On Tuesday, we were working with High Speed Photography: super slow-mo. The camera we used was a £40k MotionProX3, which was initially evented for use at NASA; it was a weird little box that looked a bit like an oversized GoPro. However, we used it in order to consider the similarities and differences between Photography and Cinematography, seeing as the footage allows for that perfect frame/moment to be extracted from the clip. At a max of 64,000 frames per second, there are an awful lot to choose from.


Happz Vday

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Monday, 13 February 2012

Mad for Marant

I always thought that these Isabel Marant trainers were completely overrated, and also pretty ugly.

But then I saw a girl at uni wearing a pair.

And then I saw the video with Beyonce wearing a pair.

And now I think I want a pair.
Damn it.