Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow in the UK

Everyon'e been getting all excited this weekend, because it finally snowed in the UK! Of course, this only meant one thing: urban, as well as lots of upload to facebooking of photographs with handrails in them.
In Leeds, not all that much really fell. The time difference between the shots below was about an hour, but it continued untill about 1:30am after starting at around noon. So there was plenty to build some kickers onto rails.

I wasn't around for the first night session, unfortunately. But I went to the rail being sessioned by Snowriders the following afternoon, and although a lot of the snow had gone, we had loads of fun.

A little gang of kids got involved. They were having a snowball fight in the park (naturally), but once they realised what we were trying to do, they really wanted to help. I made some huge snowballs with them, then got them to stamp down the in-run with it.  

It was loads of fun to see how excited they were getting about what we were doing, and it totally made the session even better.
It was awesome to watch everyone hitting the rail, and some of the guys brought along a home-made fun-pipe, which provided some more entertainment. 

As usual, Rory made a great little edit of both evenings riding.

Elsewhere, some other friends of mine had some fun with the snow. Down in Brighton there wasn't quite as much as there was in Leeds, but my boyfriend and his friends had a session which resulted in some great shots that I thought were worth posting.

Riders are Will Derrick and Jack Thompson. Photos by Will Derrick.
I think these are really fantastic pictures.

I'm quite gutted that I didn't get chance to really ride (owing to a couple of amusing reasons). Fingers crossed that we get another dump before spring.