Thursday, 2 February 2012


It was BUISC North round at Cas last night. Leeds Snowriders did so well, and it was great to be part of the team.

 Nick Miller                                          Tom Eldred

Julia Winslow                                     Andy Pelton

The freestlye competition consisted of a one and a half hour jam session which was judged. From that, the top five female ski/snowboarders, the top five male skiiers and the top five male snowboarders made finals. Each rider then had two commentated runs; the best of which was their final score. Hippy killers, underflips, switch sevs, switch backs and a load of other impressive and good-looking tricks were thrown down alongside what you'd expect. 
The set-up was thus: Spine, gas pipe / 10m flat rail option, small kicker/canon option, flatbox.

I got these pictures from the BUSC Events facebook page. 
They're pretty cool, but to be honest, I'm all about the funny punter shots of the event:

 Apologies to whoever this is.