Thursday, 29 May 2014

old blossom

Since starting some weekend work at a flower shop, my obsession with flowers has only intensified. I've been routing through old files of footage and found these beautiful clips from last spring - and just had to do something with them. I love how the light moves through the blossom, and the soundtrack clip from Little Dragon's new album is still just begging to be worked with on some kind of fashion film.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

subtle attitude

Another fresh - feeling editorial which captures the subtly upfront, confident attitude that I'm seeing so much at the moment. Flat, long and wide, these looks both essentially begin with a stark - but critically chic - approach to comfortable style. Note the incredibly casual sex appeal that's highlighted by some pretty high-end tailoring there too.


ticking boxes

Studio Nicholson A/W14 is ticking all the right boxes with this collection, presented way back in January of this year. Relaxed, long and linear (with that essential feminine twist), each piece stands out as remarkably wearable - as does each look. Necklines, hems and lengths are all on point. I'm not so sure about the colour of those beige pants (kinda wishing they were a very deep slate?), but the shapes across the collection are gorgeous - and offer a less dramatic alternative to thw bigger silouette. More here.

lots of culottes

Sorry guys, but I gotta keep talking about those flappy black pants in my previous post - or as most of the world understands them to be know: culottes. To me, culottes have almost always been a little bit strange. Unflattering for many, the short, wide trouser (for some reason) reminds me of a tweed, hunting, pantaloon-type garment - and with this in mind, you can forgive me for previously accepting the fact that they would never be cool. But as we know, things have changed - and this daring new silhouette brings with it new life for the bizarre culotte of seasons past. Prompted into recognition by the skate scene trend that is still quietly dominating (thank you very much Celine and the pony skin slip on of S/S12), a wider leg with a shorter length is still making a lot of sartorial sense. Perhaps its a nod to normcore. But how can you actually wear it? I've rounded up some images of my favourite blogger ladies to prove the point: that culottes are back with a (flappy) vengeance.


Just caught sight of this fabulous editorial via one of my fav blogs, and it's making me feel excited. Length and volume? Check - those flappy black pants rule. Flat slide sandals? Check - although notice the critical lack of tread. Neutral tones and a minimal palette? Check - with so many lux textures.

There's so much about this vibe that I love - and I'm especially keen on seeing the looks as a development of a previous editorial posted on the blog, which also praises these new style values. What's clear is that there is a powerful strength of trend in this incredibly modern silhouette - and it's one which has also begun to find value commercially via the high street. Bold lines and interesting fabric combinations certainly get the thumbs up from me, and yes, I think it's about time we realised that socks and sandals are no longer a crime. It's great to see some original new looks move into popular fashion culture - you know you're onto a winner when people think you're dressing kinda weird.

Nathalia Oliveira By Nicole Bentley For Marie Claire Australia June 2014

Saturday, 24 May 2014


I've entered Water Aid's competition to join the team as a video blogger at Glastonbury 2014. Check out my #CleanWaterRocks instavid below.

Give my entry a like via my instagram, or follow this link ( for more info.

Inspired by the fashion film posted below, the competition was a great opportunity to make a short edit about water - whilst at the same time, supporting a brilliant campaign. No-where near as elegant as Laura falconer's work, but I might get there one day!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Shao Yen - Ripple A/W 14

A beautiful fashion film from one of my favourites, Laura Falconer.

rain drops, satin, glitter, projection, pinks, blues, tropical, movement, silhouette, ripples.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Kate Moss for Topshop... again

Kate Moss has superseded herself by doing what any modern celebrity now strives to achieve: she has become a brand. The brand - supported by Topshop - offers women the chance to buy into the supermodel's effortless style, and after a four year break from her previous series of fourteen Topshop collections, she's given us that opportunity once again.

Despite a lot of excitement however, the collection doesn't seem to have made much noise. Sequin boleros, festival tunics and frayed leather jackets are once again lining the rails at Topshop - but that's exactly the problem. There doesn't feel like there's anything new here - and as someone who takes more interest in commenting on the pieces rather than buying them, I'm feeling quite underwhelmed.

The Embellished Star Cami Top left me particularly uninspired - not because it looks bad, but because it looks old. With this in mind, the seemingly unapologetic reissuing of that now classic Kate Moss style comes across as a bit of a shame. Without a progression or development in each collection, I'm left feeling a little bit bored - but that's when I remember what I'm looking at. This is Kate Moss for Topshop, not a fashion house or high end brand; the continued aesthetic of 'vintage chic' pieces only lays testament to the commercial viability of the collections, and indeed, as Kate Moss as a brand in herself. My only question is, how long can it go on for?

Marble Abstraction

I've always been fascinated by how different patterns and print pick up momentum for trend. Despite how individually we all tend to dress, certain themes seem to recur - regardless of how quirky or obscure those themes might  be. Over the past couple of months, some of my favourite bloggers and brands have been using black, grey and white marbling across their products and aesthetic - and the movement hasn't escaped a high-end integration either.


I love these F/W13 Balenciaga marbled heels - but I equally love how Proenza Schouler seemed to update the marble print by abstracting it in his S/S 2014 collection. Who knew that lashings of dark grey on white could create two such different effects? I can't help but match the visual similarities of both prints.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

3D tech and fashion

I exist virtually now too.

Pr Id 10105 A S K E T C H by my3Dtwin on Sketchfab

I went to visit My 3D Twin to pilot a project we're looking to run with a major UK fashion retailer for fashion week.
64 cameras take a shot in one moment in 360 degrees around the subject - which certainly feels pretty showbiz. It's like a backstage mirror, except with lights all around you. And no mirror.

The 3D printable model will be created by stitching together all 64 shots, and then translating the file into something a printer will be able able to read.

We're test running this technique as opposed to the manual scan approach we explored a few months ago (here). We found these scan results quite messy, and the printed skin tones weren't great either. Having said that, the models made for some pretty cool pictures, right? Stoked for my next action figure to be printed.

It's going to be pretty interesting to see how the proposed retailer will implement this kind of technology into a commercial campaign. Hopefully they'll be much more to come!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Wet days in the French Alps

I've been in Val Thorens for the last few days enjoying the final bit of skiing with some close friends.
We experienced every kind of weather possible, and I loved the turbulent way in which the days changed over the week. I've got a great tan on my face. But one day was raining, so we decided to make some films.

More here.