Wednesday, 28 May 2014

lots of culottes

Sorry guys, but I gotta keep talking about those flappy black pants in my previous post - or as most of the world understands them to be know: culottes. To me, culottes have almost always been a little bit strange. Unflattering for many, the short, wide trouser (for some reason) reminds me of a tweed, hunting, pantaloon-type garment - and with this in mind, you can forgive me for previously accepting the fact that they would never be cool. But as we know, things have changed - and this daring new silhouette brings with it new life for the bizarre culotte of seasons past. Prompted into recognition by the skate scene trend that is still quietly dominating (thank you very much Celine and the pony skin slip on of S/S12), a wider leg with a shorter length is still making a lot of sartorial sense. Perhaps its a nod to normcore. But how can you actually wear it? I've rounded up some images of my favourite blogger ladies to prove the point: that culottes are back with a (flappy) vengeance.