Monday, 19 May 2014

Kate Moss for Topshop... again

Kate Moss has superseded herself by doing what any modern celebrity now strives to achieve: she has become a brand. The brand - supported by Topshop - offers women the chance to buy into the supermodel's effortless style, and after a four year break from her previous series of fourteen Topshop collections, she's given us that opportunity once again.

Despite a lot of excitement however, the collection doesn't seem to have made much noise. Sequin boleros, festival tunics and frayed leather jackets are once again lining the rails at Topshop - but that's exactly the problem. There doesn't feel like there's anything new here - and as someone who takes more interest in commenting on the pieces rather than buying them, I'm feeling quite underwhelmed.

The Embellished Star Cami Top left me particularly uninspired - not because it looks bad, but because it looks old. With this in mind, the seemingly unapologetic reissuing of that now classic Kate Moss style comes across as a bit of a shame. Without a progression or development in each collection, I'm left feeling a little bit bored - but that's when I remember what I'm looking at. This is Kate Moss for Topshop, not a fashion house or high end brand; the continued aesthetic of 'vintage chic' pieces only lays testament to the commercial viability of the collections, and indeed, as Kate Moss as a brand in herself. My only question is, how long can it go on for?