Thursday, 15 May 2014

3D tech and fashion

I exist virtually now too.

Pr Id 10105 A S K E T C H by my3Dtwin on Sketchfab

I went to visit My 3D Twin to pilot a project we're looking to run with a major UK fashion retailer for fashion week.
64 cameras take a shot in one moment in 360 degrees around the subject - which certainly feels pretty showbiz. It's like a backstage mirror, except with lights all around you. And no mirror.

The 3D printable model will be created by stitching together all 64 shots, and then translating the file into something a printer will be able able to read.

We're test running this technique as opposed to the manual scan approach we explored a few months ago (here). We found these scan results quite messy, and the printed skin tones weren't great either. Having said that, the models made for some pretty cool pictures, right? Stoked for my next action figure to be printed.

It's going to be pretty interesting to see how the proposed retailer will implement this kind of technology into a commercial campaign. Hopefully they'll be much more to come!