Wednesday, 22 February 2012


90's revival is finally having its moment, but seriously this time.

Pictures: eBay
Man, these are so fantastic at the moment. They still look pretty stupid, and of course they remind us all of Spice Girls (which is loads of fun).

Pictures: GoogleImages search of 'Spice Girls shoes'

But this 90's thing has found its way into high fashion, and this time it is brilliant.

Pictures: Sugar Guerilla

No-one can get enough of this stuff. These Eriko Nakao images have been blowing up on a few blogs lately, because we all absolutely love it. Fun with hairstyles and hair colour, stick-on gems, mad nails, tats and piercings, and weird clothes; it is 'experimental' and it is fun. I can't help but enjoy its dark side though, which reminds me of that old Kylie film 'Sample People'.

It also reminds me of that sweet-but-sassy/weird vibed by a No Doubt 90's Gwen Stefani.

This week, I also picked up on the trend throughout LFW. In particualar (and like so many others), my favourite was Meadham Kirchhoff's show. It was pretty weird. And in particular, their T-shirt (and the styling of it) for the NEWGEN limited edition line (to commemorate ten years of supporting British Fashion) slapped a virtual high-5 with Eriko Nakao.

Now I'm just waiting for the music scene to catch up.
I don't think the boys will like it very much, but lets get weird.