Wednesday, 25 September 2013

LFW: Fashion East @ Topshop Show Space (PR work experience)

I had to run an errand on that first, rainy day at Somerset house - but despite the drizzle, everyone was looking fabulous and there was a brilliant vibe that I enjoyed soaking up (whilst my clothes soaked up the rain). I was just stoked to be there really. I had a mooch around Esthetica, and then had to get on with my (hungover) post birthday afternoon.

Next up (after the Nazir Mazhar presentation), was Fashion East. Kinda important. Ella Dror PR was running the invites and seating plan for the event - which meant I got to live that fantasy of being the fashion bitch with a clip board letting people know "you're not on the list". I was overwhelmed to be checking invites and seats for the British Fashion Council block (dream job), who were all just as I had expected them to be: sophisticated, Italian and rather unfriendly (efficient might be a better adjective to use here). On the opposite block sat Nick Grimshaw, Pixie Geldof, Harry Styles et al, which was hilarious.

Got that backstage selfie amidst Fashion East show celebration and Meadham Kirchoff show preparation (orange wigs everywhere). There really was a sense of history in the making - lots of anticipation, excitement and confidence in the air. It was great.

(all photos my own)