Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Graffiti stuff.

I live in the Hyde Park area of Leeds. There is a bit of street art/ promo stuff about that I really enjoy seeing every day, so I'd like to make some.

I really like the mystery that surrounds work like this. Although I have no idea who decided to create them, where this picture was taken or why someone decided to stick these images around Hyde Park, I still appreciate and enjoy them. They add a bit more interest into my day and they make me hapy. I spent a bit of time in Berlin this summer, and street work such as this was on every corner.

 1. Eyeball Bollard is awesome.
2. Bird.
3. Knitted handrail.
4. Aztec pattern.
5. Another bird.
How much better would it be to see really charming pieces of art work on street walls rather than this...

I want to make something to interest people on their way to uni. In particular, I liked the graphic work that I found on the ground in Berlin.

The fact that I could walk or drive over these pieces of work capture what I think is the essence of street art, in that it can blend into its surroundings seamlessly. Having said this, I somehow felt the need to walk around 'RUN' rather than over it. I suppose you can decide how much you want to respect it; of course a lot of people simply consider all of this work as graffitti, and illegal.

I like the linear content of 'RUN' a lot. 

Massive fan of these images. I'm certainly going to incorporate this techno-aztec feel into my work. I want to create a stencil on the pavement in fluro-orange spray paint.

Other work around my area is illustration on the street, which I'm mad for.

I really want to have a go at this kind of work. It kind of reminds me of what a friend of mine specialises in. This is in my house:

See some more of her work on her blog, here.
I've been thinking of some illustration ideas to decorate the deck of my super-cheap new skateboard. I was thinking about white-washing it and painting/inking on something like this, which I cut out of a magazine and stuck into my scrapbook about three years a go now:

That bird motif is quite similar to the streetwork I documented above, which is apparently by my friend Rosa's mate Mike (props to Mike!). I might have a look into where it initally came from; I've seen it all over the place over the last couple of years.

I'll keep you posted.