Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Collage and Photo

I love photographs because I love the freedom and visual richness that reproducible images can bring. So much of what we all see is on a monitor - so many of the photographs we take we never hold, and that could be to say that we miss out of the tactile nature of a picture. I feel more comfortable physically altering photographic images with scissors and glue; perhaps this is because I've had more experience cutting and sticking than I have using programs - maybe its just because I like doing it by hand more. Either way, I cut up pictures.

As part of a visual diary project for my Internship, I've been cutting up images from magazines to make collages. There is just something really fun about it. And all I do with my people banners is cut up pictures then put them together in a different way.

It must be for these reasons that I admire the photo collages of Damien Blottiere (top three images and the following):

Really intriguing images.