Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I know, I know. We all like the odd nebula imagery here and there. But I really like this weird-space vibe that I'm picking up on. The images above are kind of surreal/dreamy/trippy collages which draw from a mixture of themes and trends. There is a '70s living magazine thing going on around the image quality and colors. But it is the situations and figure's positions that I'm keen on - looking away and into something other, something far away. This is, of course, the inverse of what is expected from the picture, since the figures seem to be on a foreign planet themselves. They're just quite weird, and remind me of strange conspiracy theories.

Also thinking about the shiny materials at Jonathon Saunders S/S13 and that brilliant Emma Mullholland A/W13 collection I posted about a few days back. Another thing about this spacey theme is that it could pick up nicely from where the 90s thing just happened to come to a halt.

We're thinking Barbarell/Star Wars rather than Prometheus...

...with a kind of nu-rave spin.
Take inspiration from the well-known Balenciaga Glitter girl rebel top if you want:

Egyptofunk Collection.

Get spaced out I guess.