Thursday, 24 January 2013

ReCreative Yorkshire Project

On tuesday night I went to The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield for the first phase of a new ReCreative project.
ReCreative Yorkshire is one of the first projects in which ReCreative, 'an online community and resource exploring contemporary art' has attempted a project outside of London. The project will see four groups of young curators from a selection of Northern Arts Institutes plan and provide two arts experiences for young people in an attempt to introduce more people to the gallery space. The project is funded by Louis Vuitton I will be working in a small group representing Leeds Art Gallery, with lead artist Sophie Speed.

The meeting at Hepworth consisted of a breifing, followed by short presentations by two arts organisations. The first was from Rich at Invisible Flock, who ran us through all of his fantastic interactive arts projects. In particular, I liked the way he thought about the concept of play and game in his work, as well as maintaining a large amount of importance on the audience within what Invisible Flock does.
The next talk was from Dan at Revolutionary Arts, who wpoke to us in depth about the concent of 'Pop-Up' and how it can be facilitated for arts events. Listening to Dan was fascinating; his presentation was brimmed with information, knowledge and tips- much of which he had discovered first-hand through his own arts (and non-arts) projects. Dan really hit home the power of social media, and I certainly made note.

Next week will see the first official meeting of our Leeds Art Gallery group. Depending on the nature of Sophie's practice, we'll be planning our own arts events, and I'm really excited to get going.