Monday, 14 October 2013

Tokyo Hands: Exotic Fantasy

Feeling miserable about the grey London drizzle? As we slowly slump back into the disheartening routine of winter, some of us tend to look for that tropical summer feeling in all the wrong places. Fake tan won't help you here ladies. And you'd better replace that 5-panel snapback for a beanie my friend. If you're sitting in your bedroom reminiscing over Croatian cliff-diving or Thai-white beaches, then perhaps easing into an online exotic fantasy might help you forget about tomorrow morning's wet walk into uni.

Tokoyo Hands (via DIS Magazine) present to you an excellent half-hour mix of nostalgic summer vibes combined with some trancy jungle beats. It's the sound of running water and parrot-song that will really take you elsewhere - either that, or the hyper-real, neon rainforest themed artwork that accompanies the mix.