Monday, 3 March 2014

Pringle of Scotland A/W14

Integration of 3D printed elements into traditional and progressive woolen weave techniques.
Essay (including interviews with Massimo Nicosia, Pringle's head of design, and Richard Beckett, the architect who he worked with the design the 3D printed elements) coming soon.

In the mean time, it's worth noting the themes, references and shapes at work in this collection. Pushing through into a very fresh aesthetic, Pringle of Scotland deliver the things we didn't even know we wanted: a tailored, considered sportswear silhouette, combining futuristic shapes with a 90s grunge kind of attitude. Remember the brand, though. The legacy that this classic label made for itself started out as a cricket and tennis outfitter - and with this in mind, one can only applaud the bold way in which Nicosia has re-imagined Pringle of Scotland and its trademark wool. Commercially viable, wearable, and progressive in terms of its material incorporations? Sounds like a fascinating mix to me.