Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Camel & Beige

I started a blog with my friends a few weeks ago called beige-blog, because (egged on by Kim K) we started kind of loving anything that was beige. Little did we know that just a few months later, the nothingy palette would take over the catwalk as well as the editorials and highstreets - and I'm thrilled to take my obession to the shops and exchange it for an outfit.

Not only has the 'colour' taken over, but alongside it, the new aesthetic has sneaked its way into what's cool in fashion now - building on shapes that have gradually been introduced over the summer. Opposing the sexy, skin-tight nude beige look, its kind of weird. Thanks to the visionary work (as per) of Alistair McKimm (+Daniel Jackson), ID Magazine's latest beige editorial suggests further grunge (nice one, Acne + Celine) which includes long, heavy sleeves and flares.


I'm going to save my beige for some over-sized knits and that camel coat I've had for ever (and maybe a skin-tight beige dress) - but what I do love is this trouser shape. Low-luxe has always appealed to me, and the sporty nature of this featured marle fabric is really nice. I'm going to go for something similar in a more wearable colour - and hence, I introduce the tracksuit-bottom-esque, sophisticated knit flare. Below, Zara. Pair with pointed heels for extra contemporary sass.