Thursday, 20 November 2014

Youth Code

In the last few seasons, fashion's tribes have become more and more succinct - and what Marques’Almeida presents in this context has continued to capture my imagination and my respect. They're confident, relaxed and striking; they push the normal paradigms of what it is to be feminine, and they're a little bit weird. Its a very clean grunge that loves line and texture, which plays that tomboy silhouette whilst managing to maintain an incredibly sexy edge. Model Malaika Firth plays this role beautifully for i-D, styled by Sarr-Jamois alongside a brilliant article about Marques’Almeida's effect on the fashion industry. I think what does it for me is how the Portugese pair of designers behind the brand manage to find the right (and very subtle) balance between funny serious. And being the right part of that balance seems like a wonderful sartorial goal for someone like me.