Thursday, 29 October 2015

Textile Futures: article for SURFACE ZINE

Super happy to contribute a short piece about 3D printing for textile futures in last months inaugural issue of Surface Zine.

With a love of all things fluffy / shiny / colourful, the collective's aesthetic focuses on a post-internet yet critically tangible mixture of sculptural art and fashion - which perfectly suited my interest in the contemporary use of 3D printing for textile development.

The girls have got an ever-growing intsagram following - so be sure to visit them at @surfacezine for some beautiful delights on your daily feed.

See the little article below (PDF). Unfortuntely, the team picked a slightly irrelevent image to support the work (that garment is NOT 3D printed!), but I'm still really happy to see my work printed in such an awesome indepenednt zine. Good luck to the team behind it, and I hope their work continues!

Pick up your copy via the link below: