Friday, 21 June 2013

Hands-on Art History

Through a Scanner, Skulpturhalle is a very simple project by a man called Cosmo Wenman, who simply wants to share some of art history's most classical works.
By 3D scanning a collection of high-quality plaster cast ancient Greek and Roman sculptures and 'publishing' them online as open source data, anyone (effectively) can own a 3D print of them. This has some simple but exciting prospects for the teaching of art history in schools and museums; perhaps a three dimensional replica of a great sculptural masterpiece will allow for a greater depth of appreciation - particualrly from younger people

Whilst such a concept very clearly illustrates the effective application of 3D printing in the creative education sectors, the project (for me) highlights the question of how truly original we can be with 3D printing when its best use seems to be replication.