Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Arcadia Missa & Preteen

I'm a freelance writer, and I write about things like fashion, tech and art. When I'm asked to review art shows, it's expected to see something 'new': an interesting new aesthetic, material, or take on a concept usually suffices. Despite all these original visuals, it's kind of rare to actually feel something new. But that's exactly what happened when I went to review 'It Been Four Years Since 2014' at Arcadia Missa with Preteen Gallery in Peckham earlier this month. The initial reaction of "huh?"/"wtf is going on" slowly evolved into a realisation that the work presented in the show was not art as I knew it. At uni, we learnt about 'movements' and about how new, paradigm-shifting shows happened in the art world - yet I have never experienced that feeling of excitement at a show myself. Until now. It's weird, but check out my article on aqnb.com about the show, and if you can, you should go and see it.