Thursday, 12 June 2014

The black leather reign

It may be summer already here in the UK, but for those of you looking forward to covering up already: don't panic. As usual, expect the leather jacket to return as it does season after season - and despite the power of the plain, high quality, black biker, every brand has (at some point) imagined their own version. Resort SS15 has provided us with all sorts of looks over the past couple of days, delivering everything you'd expect (crops, mules, slides and trousers) and more (is camo print still relevant?). Yet the two looks I've picked to discuss from the collections that I've remembered most so far (Fendi and Acne) are built upon the timeless shape of the leather biker jacket - and I'm fascinated (if a little baffled) to know why we still want them so badly.

Both are similar lengths, and both begin with that blank, black leather canvas. Embellished print patches or grungy purple pop? Wide, flappy arms or slim without hardware? The decisions are endless, one but thing is for sure. The leather jacket will not only continue it's reign year after year, but this season (with it's difficult trends: the mannish silhouette, the copious selection of flats, etc), the leather jacket might just be our savior. Balancing the lengths and widths of current key pieces is no doubt a challenge, but this piece - with a length that's fantastic for re-evaluating the small of a woman's back - will certainly help.

BTW - if you're after a plain one because you can't afford a selection of flamboyant leather jackets (like me), go here.