Sunday, 5 October 2014

3D Printshow London 2014

Over the summer, I've been working on sourcing and curating a gallery of 3D printed arts and fashion pieces to contribute to 3D Printsow London 2014. I'm the Content Curator for the event, which means that I create some of the galleries (arts, fashion, architecture, food), as well as scheduling the conference program (taking place over three stages across three days). The event took place last month, and I've put together some of my favourite pictures form the gallery space:

I've been obsessed with the work of Pussykrew for months, so it was such a pleasure to research, handle and exhibit their work at such a major cross-disciplinary event. What's particularly fascinating about their work is the way that they laboriously finish the pieces- which has attracted the attention of a lot of the 3D printing industry. A good finish is notoriously difficult to achieve from a 3D printer, so a lot of people regard Pussykrew's sanding, buffing and painting as 'cheating'. They're wrong though - these sculptural piece bridge the gap between digital and tangible - between virtual and physical.

Both Dorry Hsu & Ge Bai's work involves 3D printed accessories worn on the head and face. Dorry's masks are colourful, technical and incredible beautiful: inspired by the forms of beetles and insects, the collection (named 'The Aesthetic of Fear') demonstrates the incredible capabilities of 3D printing. I'm also thrilled to see her work being recognised more and more in recent months. Ge Bai's work was premiered at this year's graduate fashion week, and the 3D printed eyewear pieces were brilliantly juxtaposed by some very classic knitwear looks and lines.

 Sophie Kahn's work is as a world-renowned digital artist presents a modern day idea of the self-portrait. 3D printed from glitched and broken body scans of herself, one might suggest that her work is the ultimate 'selfie' - however, there's a lot more to it than that. Her sculptures offer a vulnerable insight into the artist's perception of herself, which in turn reflects the common anxieties caused by digital technology across entire generations. It was a pleasure to curate her personal work into the exhibition.

This is only a very small selection of some of the incredible pieces that we managed to collect for our flagship 3D printing event in London (please contact me directly for more information). I'm currently working on our Paris show happening in a few weeks - after which we'll be in Berlin, New York, Madrid, San Fran, Dubai and a few more places. We'll also be running a series of high-level international conferences before the New Year - so keep an eye out.

Perhaps the best part of the exhibition was showing my Dad around though :-)