Sunday, 5 October 2014

fluffy stuff

Last summer I bought a pair of white sandals from Clarkes. I never shop at Clarkes but these shoes were perfect: a low, block heel in silver, an ankle strap in white leather and another strap over the foot just the same. I completely wore them out, but instead of throwing them away, I had an idea of absolutely covering them in pastel, multicolored fur pom-poms. It looks as though a few other people envisaged something similar.

Fluffy stuff is everywhere at the moment - there are even a pair of fur-lined court shoes in my local (regional) Topshop - so you know its for real. Blame Celine, blame Fendi - blame whoever you want. But nothing will change the fact that wherever you go this Autumn, you will see fluffy stuff across the high street - especially since its already had such a profound effect on the blogs and the fashion weeks.

The work of Hannah Weiland has certainly done the rounds. London based faux-fur fashion label Shrimps is perhaps the reigning queen of high-style fluff: the colour palette is completely on point, as are the simple lines and shapes which make up the pieces. Stand-out faux-fur jackets in pink and orange are full-on fabulous, and critically poke a little bit of fun at an industry fraught with those that take themselves too seriously. What's also pretty cool is Shrimps' SS15 footwear range in collaboration with Sophia Webster. Match made in heaven if you ask me.

The woman that (arguably) brought Shrimps into the limelight (at NYFW earlier this year) perfectly demonstrates another brilliant fluffy number. Susie Bubble wears the following textured top by Somewhere Nowhere, again pushing for a girly aesthetic mixed together with some seriously fun pleasure dressing. It's not necessarily sexy - and I'm not a huge fan of the thick pink furry panel - but its really, really awesome and I want it. Those pom-poms! 
 Finally, we move onto one of my favourite new brands (that I've been mercilessly following and liking on instagram for a while now). There's something about Australian fashion at the moment, and this small label from Perth are bringing such a dreamy look - as presented at Paris Fashion Week just last month. Dyspnea bring something modern which is at the same time whimsical. It's the kind of thing that Jasmine would wear if she liked hallucinogenics and raves - it's kind of 90's grunge with a touch of Frozen - and so unapologetically feminine. I want to dress up in in and wander around Paris when it sizzles. On top of making stunning things, the girls behind the label sound really cool - and I've recently become addicted to reading about their adventures on their blog.

Needless to say, I never actually got round to sticking all of the fur pom-poms onto my battered old sandals. I certainly still intend to however - but in the meantime, I might just go ahead and get stuck in with this super fun, super fluffy trend while the last of the UK summer sun is still shining. Either way, I'll keep you posted.