Wednesday, 22 October 2014

3DPS Paris 2014

I just got back from France where I curated the content for our Paris edition of 3D Printshow. Situated in the venue space within the Louvre, the collection of art and fashion pieces was very varied but looked really beautiful in the marble and stonework hall.

In all honesty, curating 3D printed work is incredibly difficult because there's not that much of it. Rather than picking work for the concepts or ideas they explore, we pick work based on it being of a high enough standard to exhibit. That being said, developing and creating the journey for our guests through the exhibition was particularly challenging for this event; the variation of production means was limited and the aesthetics of all of the involved pieces tended to clash.

Having said this, I was very pleased with the display and lighting choices that were eventually decided for the gallery. What made this exhibition especially hard was that I was very much sight-reading in that I was not given a confirmed floor space within the show before getting to the venue itself. Rather than curing the show in the lead up to the event, I had to work with what I had (including display furniture) onsite - and with this in mind, I'm really happy with what I created.

I also interviewed a lot of our creative contributors for the 3D Printshow youtube channel, and I'll post them in the coming weeks once they're edited up. Running interviews is mentally exhausting, but I found it a really rewarding way to spend time during the running of this event. These interviews, on top of managing both speaker rooms and all contributors throughout the show, proved to be pretty tiring, but everything went well.

I'm now curating a high-level medical summit that 3DPS are producing next month. Getting my head around the international biotech and medical scene is fascinating, and I'm currently putting together the timetable, agenda, and speaker list. Wish me luck!