Monday, 27 May 2013

Kinect Powered Purchasing Behaviour Analysis System

This marketing analysis tool, under development by Fujitsu, uses technology to sense people’s movement. By analyzing how customers behave in response to merchandise, entirely new kinds of marketing information will be obtainable.
“This exhibit is designed with retail stores in mind. The system determines how people choose products, whether they were interested in a product already, and what products they compare, using Kinect and a camera.”
With regular POS systems, the only information obtained is how much merchandise has been sold. But by using this system, it’s possible to find out how customers acted while contemplating the purchase of a product. This system could help with marketing by showing how customers behaved when they were thinking about buying a product, but didn’t complete the purchase.
From prosthetic knowledge

Whilst this development will provide all sorts of advanced marketing information, I'm interested in the system's identification of those who didn't complete the purchase. I wonder whether the system has factored in the reasons why people don't complete purchases - especially since a lot of the time, people will find items of clothing (in particular) that what they want in store and in person, and buy the item cheaper online. Sensing the movement of a person's hand reaching into their bag or pocket for a smartphone thus may be a common identification.Our buying behaviors are certainly changing, and trackin that change is fascinating and very complex.