Thursday, 2 May 2013

Third Wave Fashion

As a result of my recent (epiphany) discovery of the fashion tech industry, I want to explore the strategies and aims of an incredible company I stumbled across on twitter named Third Wave Fashion. Building upon a collective (and seriously legit) understanding of both fashion and technology, TWF offers experienced mentorship and consulting with regards to exciting new fashion tech start up businesses. Not only does the company aim to help with practical services like funding plans, trend analysis, go-to-market strategies and customer acquisition, but TWF also offers creative advice and events planning. The website is simple and the team seem very accessible - perhaps as a result of the workshop and drop in sessions regularly organized for fashion entrepreneurs. All in all, the company seems to provide it all.
Yet does this all seem a bit too good to be true? On further research into who TWF are, I can safely say that it is not. The editorial blog content not only illustrates a strong ability to communicate effectively, but also that their industry experience is supported by intellectual and academic foundations that truly inspire cultural discussion and consideration within a professional/corporate field.

This blog post is certainly worth a read: Why You Should Quit Calling it "Fashion 2.0"
I hope to investigate the points discussed here at a later date - final year at university is drawing to a close in a very hectic manner.

But anyway.
I can't wait to learn more about fashion tech. Stoked!