Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Iris van Herpen X Lou Stoppard

Hugely interested by and appreciative of the following interview between Lou Stoppard of SHOWstudio and the previously mentioned designer Iris van Herpen. Some really frank conversation giving a fascinating insight into not only the work, but the character of van Herpen within a fashion/art/tech context.

Can't embed the video for some reason, but this is really worth a look:

I'm really excited about van Herpen's forthcoming ready-to-wear collection, which looks beautiful. As a designer, van Herpen expresses her reliance upon haute couture as a process to support her ready-to-wear, which only suggests a strong and relevant future for couture - especially with regards the development of new technology and technique.The collection is also modelled by Grimes which I think is a lovely, creative match.