Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

3D Print of algorithmic interpretation of a photograph
Venus of Google

As part of my attempt to development my understanding and appreciation of 3D printed art, I've begun to research some interesting projects.

This commission incorporates the creation of his own image-comparison algorithm (as 'software') to 'sculpt' an image found on Google by using Google Image search as a translator. It is then digitally prepared for 3D print production.
Plummer-Fernandez's sculptures are far removed from the idea of a 'traditional', hand-crafted work; formed entirely out of information and produced entirely through machine and technology, they challenge the idea of the artist as well as the materiality of what the artist produces. One could go so far as to suggest that Plumber-Fernandez shifts the role of the artist by placing 'artistic direction' in the non-existant hands of the Google Image search algorithm - and this is a really thought-provoking, conceptual idea.

 The material, 3D printed result is visually rich and in many ways, unrecognisable as a traditional art object. It looks somehow super-imposed into real life.

This process can be applied to any image/object:

These pictures remind me of some work previously featured on gear talk by artist Katja Novitskova:

Digital fabrication is made explicit in these works - so much so that it completely forms the subject of some pieces.