Friday, 5 July 2013

LFC graduates and 3D printing

I'm interested in which up-and-coming fashion design graduates from LFC have started to utilise 3D printing within their practice - whether in the design/prototype stage or integrated within their final pieces. Having scoured the online portfolios of many MA grads, I've picked the following three designers:

Kay Kwon
Kay Kwon went down very well at London: Mens Collection last month, with a memorable set of sharp, punchy menswear. He has experimented with 3D printing (with effective results) through the design and production of some darth vader-esque headwear.

As is becoming more and more popular with savvy footwear designers, Marchant uses 3D printing in the design and prototype stages of her practice. By remixing traditional designs digitally, the appeal of her work is situated within an interesting new area of production and aesthetic made possible by these new technologies.
With a collection of accessible, conceptual jewellery, Rob Elford's practice incorporates the production of some really wearable artefacts which are digitally designed and crafted via 3D printing. Having already been recognised and received substantial success, it will be interesting to see where Elford takes his practice next.