Monday, 29 July 2013

Natasha Fagg: 3D printed garment development

So excited to have discovered another quality designer investigating the aesthetic potential of 3D Print technology. Natasha Fagg (studied in Melbourne, interning now in London)'s collection Arthropoda investigates embellishment through the facility of technology; the resulting interesting, tactile garments are very impressive - and in the below shoot are very well styled.

Whilst there is certainly a recognizable aesthetic associated with 3D printed fashion design (very similar to the particular 'look' of 3D printed artworks that I wrote about last month on gear talk), the intricacies and visual delight of experiencing innovative new materials, fabrics and garment structure is certainly worth taking note of. Whilst this almost stereotypical 'futuristic' feel to 3D print fashion doesn't look set to develop anytime soon, the work certainly manages to investigate a varied set of themes and subjects. Fagg's work claims to 'explore adornment though two opposing elements'. By juxtaposing 'the crafted' against 'the engineered' through the use of 3D print design and production tech, the designer manages to marry the separate concepts into a single collection of pieces. Whilst this is a success, I would like to talk to Fagg about her work in a little more depth - one could argue that 'the crafted' and 'the engineered' are in fact the same concept in different forms. Either way, these pieces are the kind of objects that I'm desperate to see and touch in person - and I'd especially like to see them worn.